Squatters and Unauthorised Occupiers

We offer advice and assistance with all types of squatter and unauthorised occupier actions.

Our specialist team of qualified solicitors can advise you on all aspects of these actions to include:

  • Initial advice and assessment of the claim
  • Drafting and serving relevant Notices
  • Issuing proceedings
  • Dealing with all court action
  • Enforcement proceedings

We also advise on practical steps to secure properties and to minimise the risk of reoccurrence as well as advice on the removal of unauthorised occupiers in regeneration projects. We offer practical, pragmatic solutions and understand the complexities involved in dealing with these cases and the importance of adhering to timetabled completions.

We are able to ensure that all matters are handled expertly, professionally and individually.

To obtain further advice or to have a discussion, please contact us on 020 8290 0333 to speak to one of our solicitors in the Housing Management Team.

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