Dispute Resolution

When running a successful business, the last thing you want to waste time and money on are costly dispute resolutions. 

A Complete Service

If you are in business, you do not want to waste time having to instruct different professionals on dispute resolution matters.  Our commercial solicitors have the experience and knowledge to assist all types of businesses with any commercial dispute, including:

With our experience, expertise and efficient client management practices, we can ensure that your commercial dispute is resolved quickly, so you can get on with business at hand.

    Our Approach

    We will provide you with honest, straight-forward, no-nonsense legal advice, work with you to reach the outcome you desire, and maintain the commercial relationship if you wish to continue doing business with the other party.

    We have a proven track record in resolving commercial disputes and always explore alternatives to litigation wherever possible.  However, if litigation becomes the only means to resolve a dispute, you can be confident that our litigation team will fight hard to ensure your best interests are protected.

    We become involved in settling disputes at the earliest stage possible, integrating and consulting with colleagues in other legal teams and taking outside professional advice when required, in order to provide clients with the most comprehensive, up-to-date advice possible.

    To find out more about our dispute resolution services, please click on the above links or phone us on 07825 317361 to make an appointment with one of our commercial team.

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