Commercial Property

Property and business go hand in hand. For commercial landlords and developers, it is their business. For those looking to buy or rent premises to use as an office, studio, factory or any other working environment, property is a vital component in their commercial activity.

But, whichever side of the transaction you are on, there are numerous hurdles to overcome. Our team’s skill is in advising on the best option for you, negotiating terms and formalising these in a robust agreement that works well for you.

We go further than this. Our advice is called for at various stages in the lifecycle of a commercial property arrangement. Clients include developers, contractors, builders, retailers, and land-owning consortia, as well as private individuals and business owners. So we act on property development and regeneration projects, through to lease renewals and dilapidation issues.

The scope of what we do is wide-ranging. And it’s underpinned by our specific expertise in property-related issues. Our team doesn’t just know the law; we have the practical and commercial experience that makes us the lawyers of choice for UK businesses.

To discuss the legalities surrounding commercial property further, please call our commercial property team on 020 8290 0333 or send us an email here.



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