At Judge & Priestley, we invest in our expertise. We recruit the best people and we are proud to retain them. Our teams have access to the latest resources and the continuing professional development opportunities they need to remain at the forefront of commercial legal practice.


We are open and honest in the advice we give you, the work we do for you and in how much that work will cost. This, to us, is the cornerstone of a law firm’s relationship with its client, and it is a value which transcends our legal practice. So when we tell you that we will call you back, we will. When we say that we will issue your claim that afternoon, we will. Clients trust us, and we value that.


Accessibility is about being available, approachable and clear in what we do and what we say. We recognise that we provide a service and, with that, comes the duty to make it a good client experience.

So when you instruct us, you are given a personal point of contact and the direct dial telephone numbers and email addresses of our solicitors and managers.


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