Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Nuisance

Actions brought against landlords under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 have increased significantly in the last few years.

Traditionally claims made under this legislation were against occupier and were brought by the local authority. However in recent times there has been a rise in claims against landlords in respect of disrepair and statutory nuisance.

When dealing with a claim brought against you under this legislation time is of the essence and swift action is necessary. Having always defended these claims successfully for our landlord clients we can advise you on the most appropriate action and can bring a swift resolution to any claims against you.

We can also assist you with ensuring that your procedures for dealing with this type of claim are up to date and can lead to successful conclusion of any claims brought against you.

To learn more about the ways in which we can assist you with EPA 1990 claims please contact our housing management team on 020 8290 0333.


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