Terms and Conditions

Business works best when it is founded on a clear set of terms and conditions. This is the detailed framework that sets out the legal rights and obligations that exist whenever a business sells its products or services.

Our commercial lawyers advise clients on the terms they already have in place, and on designing new terms that provide the right protections. It is as much about protecting your business from claims as it is about giving you a legal basis on which to sue on an unpaid invoice. That’s because every time you transact with a client, customer, supplier, agent, you are promising to do something in return for payment. A good set of terms and conditions will ensure that your obligations are not too onerous, while giving you a clear path to follow if the other party defaults on their side of the bargain.

We draft terms and conditions that are reasonable, enforceable and which provide the security you need. We’ll get to know your business, your way of operating and your commercial relationships. We’ll understand the issues that could arise in your dealings with others, and we’ll make sure that your interests are protected.

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