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Family Law Solicitors

Relationship and family disputes can be a difficult time for everyone involved. 

We understand that family cases involve personal and emotional issues which need specialist family law advice, alongside a practical and sensitive approach.

Our aim is to provide a friendly personal service, which meets your needs whilst seeking to reduce conflict between the parties.

Mediation or Arbitration are often effective alternative means of resolving issues, and Steve can guide you as to which option best suits your personal circumstances. 

Our Family Law Services

Our family law services include providing detailed advice on:

Reduced Fees for Initial Appointments

Initial appointments are offered at a reduced fee so we can assess the merits of your case and provide preliminary advice. Thereafter we will handle the case so that specialist advice will always be available. If an application to Court is required, we will arrange and instruct a suitable barrister to attend hearings on your behalf and we have a close relationship with a number of experienced and highly-skilled family specialist barristers.

Given the expertise and experience of our family law department, our fees are very competitive. Every case is unique and we provide a tailored solution to meet your individual needs. During our initial appointment, we will give you an estimate of the costs and timelines involved.  This will be confirmed in writing and throughout your case, we will provide regular cost updates and assessments on further costs to be incurred so that you can keep track of the costs at all times.  

If you would like to speak to one of our family law team, please contact us in complete confidence on 020 8290 0333 or fill in our  contact form.