Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

Being in business with someone else creates certain rights and liabilities. These need to be set out clearly so that there is no confusion around entitlements, obligations and – crucially – what should happen if there’s a dispute or if the relationship breaks down.

Setting up a business together presents options. You could become a partnership, a limited liability partnership or a limited liability company. We’ll advise you on the structure that would best suit you. And as part of this, we will really get to understand the nature of what you do, the people you’re working with, and your plans for the future.

Depending on the arrangement you choose, partnership agreements or shareholder agreements are essential. They are usually negotiated between those involved in your business (including external investors, in the case of a limited liability company), and we’ll help facilitate this if you’d like us to. We will make sure that you have covered all issues relating to the management of the business, the respective duties, obligations, liabilities and financial and other rights, and the procedure that should kick-in towards the end of your relationship.

Clients tell us that they value our clear guidance. They see that we are meticulous about the detail of the arrangements we help put in place, and that we never lose sight of their long-term commercial aims.

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