Housing Management

At Judge and Priestley we have a  specialist team of highly-qualified, experienced solicitors dedicated to housing law.

We have acted for social landlords for over 20 years on a full range of housing management issues. We offer a comprehensive service to our landlord clients and advise on the following:

  • Possession claims: including drafting and serving the relevant notices and issuing a claim on the basis of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour, adverse possession, succession, failure to occupy, discharge of duty and other breaches of tenancy terms and conditions.
  • Anti-social behaviour actions: including the new Orders available under the recent legislation as well as advising on alternative remedies.
  • Squatters and unauthorised occupiers actions: including possession proceedings and advising on securing properties and the new criminal sanctions for squatters.
  • Disrepair:  including  initial advice on liability and quantum, comprehensive case reviews,  and training on handling disrepair to minimise the risk of a claim
  • Tenancy management issues: advising on the various legal remedies available for breach of tenancy and also preventative measures. Advising in all aspects of housing management to include succession, assignments, drafting tenancy agreements, advice on, and the drafting of, new policies and procedures.
  • Leasehold issues:  including general leasehold matters such as forfeiture proceedings, service charge arrears and breach of lease issues.
  • Tenancy Fraud – to include advice in respect of all types of tenancy fraud issues
  • EPA 1990 claims – advising on housing claims brought under this legislation.
  • Income management:  we offer advice on policy as well as practical advice on managing this issue in light of legislative changes.

We also develop and implement training programmes which we deliver to our social housing clients with a view to minimising risk and avoidance of issues before they appear. We offer pragmatic and robust advice to assist our clients in managing issues surrounding their housing stock.

Our social housing team is headed by Nitika Singh and Pamela Bachu. Nitika is a Partner with extensive experience in all aspects of housing litigation. Pamela has two decades worth of experience in dealing with social housing litigation. Along with all members of the team they are also members of the Social Housing Law Association.

To contact Nitika please phone 020 8290 7347 or email nsingh@judge-priestley.co.uk and to contact Pamela please phone 020 8290 7365 or email pbachu@judge-priestley.co.uk.




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