Relocation within England and Wales

In the event that one parent wishes to relocate within the UK with a child, they should have the agreement of the other parent, or in the absence of this, an order from the court.

This is particularly important when that relocation will affect in any way the arrangements for the child to spend time with the “left behind parent”.

If the parent wishing to relocate does so without the other parent’s consent, the left behind parent would be able to make an application under the Children Act for the return of the child to the area where they used to live. This application will need to be made as quickly as possible.

If a parent is concerned that the other parent may be attempting to move the child to another part of the UK, an urgent application for a prohibited steps order can also be made, to ensure the court considers this issue prior to the move. In some circumstances, this application can be made without notice on the respondent.

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