Possession Claims

At Judge & Priestley we know only too well that managing and letting property can often be a complicated process. At times you may need to evict a tenant if they have breached the tenancy agreement for example they owe you unpaid rent or they are engaging in anti-social behaviour.

We have an excellent reputation in assisting and representing landlords in bringing a possession claim against their tenant.

We can assist you with drafting the Notice which is the first step a landlord is required to take before they can evict their tenant. Following expiry of the Notice we can issue court proceedings on your behalf and provide representation until the tenant is evicted.

It is imperative that you seek specialist legal advice if you intend to commence possession proceedings against your tenant as the court procedure is regulated and any technical errors in your paperwork can prevent you from recovering possession of your property plus result in significant delays and costs for you.

We regularly represent landlords in various courts in London and the surrounding areas and have a high record of recovering possession on behalf of landlords as we ensure that we prepare and submit a robust claim on behalf of our client. Our service offers excellent value for money.

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