Conditional Contracts

When negotiating purchase of property for development where planning permission will be required, on occasions a conditional contract is required.  

A conditional contract requires complex drafting as it will bind a purchaser to acquire the site subject to obtaining a planning consent.  Our experienced solicitors will ensure that the purchase will only proceed if a planning consent suitable for the developer is obtained.

We can advise you whether or not a conditional agreement is appropriate to your proposed development. This is perhaps equally as important to the agreement itself because if a different agreement is more appropriate, your development may not progress in the way most advantageous to you.

You may also require a conditional contract if you are waiting for information from a local authority, or some other consent is required.

Whether you are buying or selling a property for development, we can negotiate and draft a conditional contract for sale and advise you of the implications. Many possible eventualities and circumstances need to be accounted for.

As a conditional contract will bind a purchaser if planning consent is granted it is important that we undertake all necessary searches and enquiries prior to exchange of agreements.

To discuss the legalities surrounding conditional contracts please contact our commercial property team here or call 020 8290 0333.



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