Site Acquisition and Disposal

In the field of property development, our expertise includes advising on site acquisition for developers and disposal for sellers.

Seeing the potential advantages and pitfalls of sites is essential to successful property development. We are experienced in dealing with large and small sites both for commercial and residential development.

An important factor in site acquisition is awareness of any legal interests other parties may have in sites, for example, rights of occupation and other adverse rights which can inhibit both acquisition and site development.

Another important factor is understanding the future development potential of a site. This includes the future development of the site and its surrounds.

We are experienced in negotiating site acquisition and disposal. We understand that time is often of the essence in property development. We strive to communicate quickly and carry out each step in the process efficiently but meticulously.

For further advice on issues surrounding site acquisition and disposal or to arrange an appointment please contact our commercial property team here or call 020 8290 0333.



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