Site Acquisitions For Development

For anyone looking at acquiring a site for future development, it is imperative to seek advice from property solicitors experienced in site acquisitions for the purpose of property development.

Aside from the standard considerations such as planning permission, highway agreements, environmental investigations and the commercial terms of the deal, there are many other factors which can affect whether a site can be developed on time and on budget, so investors receive the maximum return on their investment.

Our property team, led by Steven Taylor, stands out from the crowd when it comes to advising on property development.

The reason?

Our experience and attention to detail.

We act for a wide variety of developers, and all our clients confidently rely on us to ensure the legalities of any site acquisition are examined, and any issues found are advised upon with the utmost competence and in a timely manner.

Factors to Consider when Acquiring a Site for Development

  • Boundary issues
  • Access – are legal rights of access to all parts of the development and does the land abut, or takes access directly from, an adopted highway
  • Rights of light – do adjoining sites enjoy rights of light over the site proposed for acquisition?
  • Is it possible to provide essential supplies such as utilities to the site.
  • To develop the site successfully, should further rights be obtained over neighbouring land?

Types of Developments We Advise On

With over 125 years of experience, we have seen it all.  We have provided advice to property developers who wish to acquire sites for:

  • A single development
  • A large, residential housing estate comprising houses or flats
  • Mixed use developments including elements of commercial units

To talk to us about acquiring a suitable and profitable site for your next property development, phone our Bromley office on 020 8290 0333 to make an appointment with Steven or one of his team.  Or email



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