Deputyship Orders

If a person close to you becomes mentally incapacitated, through illness, old age or a brain trauma, you can apply to the Court of Protection to be given the authority to make decisions on their behalf. 

David Chandra, head of our Private Client department and his team can advise you on how to apply for Deputyship or act as a Deputy themselves.

What Decision Making Powers Can I Apply For?

You can apply to the Court to be able to make decisions concerning the incapacitated person’s property and financial affairs, and as a separate order, their health and wellbeing.  You can apply for one type of deputyship or both, depending circumstances.

Who Can Apply to be a Deputy?

In order to apply to a health and welfare deputy, you must be 18 years or over and be granted permission to apply.  The same age requirement applies to those wishing to be appointed a property and financial deputy for another and they applicant must also be able to show that you have the necessary financial skills to make appropriate decisions for another’s affairs.

What a Deputies Responsibilities?

If you are appointed as someone’s deputy, the Court will instruct you as to what you can and cannot do.  Deputies are always required to:

  • Make decisions in the best interest of the incapacitated individual and take guidance from their past actions
  • Consult experts such as doctors as well as other family members in certain situations to ensure the highest standard of care is provided.
  • Take every reasonable action to try and make the affected individual understand the decision you are making and its consequences.

Why Engage Judge & Priestley Solicitors to Manage Your Deputyship?

We can provide straight-forward, down to earth legal advice regarding applying and carrying out the duties of a Deputyship.  With many years’ experience dealing with Court of Protection matters, David and his team will ensure the necessary forms are filled in correctly and your application is processed quickly and efficiently.

Because we have been advising clients in the area of deputyship for decades, we have established long-standing, professional relationships with the medical community in Kent and can organise expert opinions if required by the court.  We can also provide expert advice if the individual requiring a deputyship is incapacitated due to a brain injury or illness which may or may not be permanent.

To find out more about deputyship, please phone us on 020 8290 0333 to speak to one of our solicitors.


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