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Dying without a valid Will in the UK means that your estate is subject to the rules of intestacy. Under these rules, a surviving spouse or civil partner may not necessarily inherit your entire estate. In some cases, estates end up passing to the Crown.

Common law partners and step children do not automatically benefit from an intestate estate. If you die without making a Will, your wishes, intentions and desires will carry no weight in how your assets, whether property or otherwise, are distributed.

A well drafted Will can ensure that your chosen beneficiaries inherit your estate with the minimum of fuss. Coupled with tax planning, a professionally drafted Will can help mitigate inheritance tax and ensure that your assets are protected for the future generation. In some instances we may be able to incorporate trust structures, which could potentially ‘ring fence’ assets and this is particularly beneficial when carrying out care/nursing home fee planning for couples.

We provide a bespoke Will drafting service which acknowledges your individual circumstances. The most common types of Wills are:

  • Standard Wills
  • Joint Wills
  • Tax efficient Wills incorporating trust structures to potentially mitigate inheritance tax
  • Asset protection Wills, which could potentially ‘ring fence’ assets should you need to move into a care/nursing home in the future
  • Discretionary trust Wills, which can preserve assets for the future generation and ensure any vulnerable beneficiaries are looked after
  • Life interest trust Wills, which protect assets for the children and future generations in case the surviving spouse re-marries
  • Business & Agricultural Property Relief Trust Wills, which offer peace of mind and security of continuity for business/land owners.

In most cases, we will offer a fixed fee service which is competitive and transparent.

Home Visit Service – going the extra mile

We appreciate that some clients may prefer to meet outside an office environment. This can be due to many reasons such as personal circumstances, confidentiality and convenience.

We offer home visits and out of office appointments so we can discuss your legal queries and instructions at a place convenient for you; whether at home, work place, care home or hospital. We apply a nominal fee for this service and please enquire for further details.

To find out more about organising a Will please phone our office for an appointment on 020 8290 7354 to make an appointment.

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