The Right To Manage - Tenants FAQs

Am I a qualifying tenant for the purpose of right to manage?

If you are a long leaseholder of a residential lease (originally granted for more than 21 years, you qualify).  You will need to have, within your (RTM) Company the requisite majority of qualifying tenants to be eligible to exercise the Right to Manage.

If we exercise the right to manage (RTM), do we have to manage the building ourselves?

No, once you obtain the Right to Manage, you can hire a managing agent to do this on your behalf and report to you accordingly.

We want to exercise the right to manage (RTM). Do we need to set up a company?

Yes, a Right to Manage company has to contain a particular constitution. It has a prescribed memorandum and articles of association.

We want to exercise the right to manage (RTM), how do we start the process?

The process is started by forming a RTM company and sending participation notices to the qualifying tenants, and once the requisite amount of tenants are within, a claim notice can be served on the Landlord. The notices have to meet certain requirements in order for them to be deemed valid, we would therefore recommend that you obtain the right legal advice before proceeding with such endeavours.

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