Beneficiarys Right to Information

As someone with a financial interest in a trust, a beneficiary will generally have the right to certain information relating to how the trust functions.

Trustees will usually have an obligation to allow beneficiaries to have sight of certain documents explaining the assets held within the trust, terms under which the trust operates, and who the trustees are. Beneficiaries will usually also be entitled to see the trust deed itself and any subsequent documents which may alter its terms, such as deeds of appointment or retirement.

In some situations, it may be unclear whether a beneficiary is entitled to certain information. A beneficiary may be dissatisfied with how a trust is being managed and request information they may not be entitled to. A trustee may withhold or obstruct information that a beneficiary is permitted to see.

Are you a beneficiary of a trust and think that you may be entitled to information or documentation but not entirely sure? Are you a trustee faced with an information request that you are hesitant to comply with? In any case, we will be able to advise you on your rights and, if necessary, required court processes relating to information requests.

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