Contractual Disputes

Our team of litigation solicitors are all very experienced in helping clients resolve contract disputes

Contract disputes are unwelcome and occur in many situations whether agency, sale of goods or services and commercial agreements. Whether a breach of contract has occurred or is anticipated we can provide an early diagnosis to help you understand the legal merits and the options available to help you resolve the dispute and seek the desired business outcome. In our experience the earlier the problem is addressed the quicker and more effective the resolution.

Our Approach

We understand that a protracted dispute is the last thing that a commercial client would want but also that businesses must protect their interests in such situations. We always consider with our client the benefits of a quick and effective negotiated resolution alongside where necessary court proceedings that may be required to protect assets or information in the interim.

We always identify with our client their desired commercial outcome and discuss the options to achieve it, whether ADR, arbitration, proceedings, injunctions and claims for damages.

We provide clear advice on costs and budgets and provide regular updates of progress against such cost budgets

Our commercial and litigation teams have the necessary commercial acumen, experience and creativity to advise you on any type of commercial contract dispute and help you obtain the resolution to a dispute within an agreed cost budget for the case

We ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the merits and likely outcomes, the timescales and the cost budgets, so that they can make the commercial judgement that best suits their business.

To discuss how we can help with your contractual dispute please call on 07825 317361.


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