Sarah Gee

I started work at Judge and Priestley in 2006 as an Insurance Claims Handler.

I had just finished my A levels and decided that I would not attend University and instead wanted to gain full time employment. My first “Saturday Job” was as a waitress and really taught me lots of people skills, I loved the buzz of waitressing. Once I had finished my A levels I started applying for junior positions in local Solicitors, as I had an interest in Law, and this is when I secured my first full time job with Judge and Priestley. I quickly realised that Judge and Priestley was a great place to develop a career as there is a strong culture of promoting staff from within. In the 12 years I worked in our Credit Solutions Department I was promoted several times through to Operations Manager. I particularly enjoyed the people element of this role, and this is where my passion for HR was born.

In 2017 I started my family, and in 2018, when I returned to work part time, I decided to make the move to our HR department. I am now Judge and Priestley’s HR advisor and am currently studying my CIPD qualifications, with Judge and Priestley’s support. It’s a position that realty suits me, and I genuinely enjoy coming to work.  There have been many opportunities to get involved in charitable work over the years, and I personally have been involved in assisting with a local homeless charity, have taken part in several of the London Legal Walks, and the most stand out event was the Ride 24 where a team of us drove to Newcastle and some of my colleagues cycled back to raise money for Macmillan. I must point out I was not one of the cyclists and was quite happy to be part of the support team!

Growing up I really enjoyed school, and I had a great group of friends, many of whom are still great friends to this day. I particularly enjoyed English Literature and realising the escapism a good book can provide. When I was a young child, I was very keen on becoming a vet, then soon realised I would need to have a strong interest in the sciences, which I did not have! I went through my schooling not really having an idea of what I wanted to do, but did always enjoy talking to people, so in hindsight I have found the perfect job.

In my spare time I love nothing more than taking my family away on holiday, and spending quality time with them in the fresh air.


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