Contract Disputes

Disputes over contracts are undesirable but often occur and resolving them can cost time and money.

Our disputes resolution team has over 125 years of experience and expertise in the often complex field of contract law and has advised successfully many people who have become embroiled in such a dispute.

Types of Contractual Disputes

Contracts are part of everyday life and often we are not even aware we have entered into one or the terms that might apply in the event of  dispute.

Contractual disputes can involve:

  • faulty products
  • non-delivery of goods
  • building disputes
  • warranty disputes
  • car purchases
  • insurance claims
  • poor quality work

Remedies for Contractual Disputes

The court has the power to grant a number of remedies for contract disputes such as:

  • damages
  • specific performance of contractual obligations
  • injunctions

There might be time limits in which you can bring a contractual claim and therefore, it is important that you obtain legal advice as soon as the breach of contract has occurred.

Breach of Contract

The most common disputes are over breach of contract. which you are either pursuing or defending. They could be supply or service contracts such as utilities,or contracts for sale or purchase. A specialist form of contract dispute-building contracts is set out below. Failure to meet payment terms is a breach of contract and you may be prosecuting or defending. Alternatively, you may have a claim or counter claim.


When you purchase your home or vehicle or other valuable asset or contractual opportunity, you expect to have long peaceful enjoyment of it. Sometimes, however, you discover that it is not all it was cracked up to be.


Sometimes people discover that the information provided to them during the sale was wrong. If it is and you are induced into the sale and it was fundamental to the sale, you can get the sale rescinded if you can prove that the misrepresentation led you to buy the property or goods or opportunity and if you had known the truth, you would not have entered into the contract. However, you have to act quickly, or you may waive your right to bring a claim for rescission of the contract.

Otherwise, the misled purchaser or contracting party can make a claim for damages for the loss they have suffered as a result of the misrepresentation. Again, limitation periods apply to claims for damages and so as soon as you become aware of the loss you  should take advice.


  • If you are the seller or other contracting party, you can defend yourself on the basis that:
  •  There was no misrepresentation, or the purchaser did not rely on it;
  • The purchaser has waited too long to complain about it, and bring his claim, and can now only claim damages; and
  • He cannot have damages because you honestly and reasonably believed that the erroneous statement was true.

Let Us Help

Our litigation team will use all suitable methods to pursue your claim.  By using alternative disputes resolution methods such as mediation, we will try and resolve your dispute without going to court.  However, if all other methods fail and litigation becomes inevitable, you can be confident that our solicitors will ensure you have the best chance of winning your case.

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