We have used Judge & Priestley for years; specifically to recover claims debts. The process is fast, efficient, cost effective and requires little input from us

Our people

Mark Younger

Mark Younger


Mark has more tha 25 years experience of debt recovery operations, with a particular focus and expertise in insurance debt types and strategies. Mark is a non-solicitor Partner, working for Judge & Priestley Credit Solutions.


Mark is responsible for overseeing the recovery operations and processes for our insurance clients. As such Mark has particular expertise in recovering uninsured losses, subrogated outlays and operational and systems integration.

Mark oversees the recovery of subrogated outlay on behalf of a number of leading national insurance companies, together with uninsured loss matters for their policyholders.

Mark also has particular experience in dealing with our clients' Management Information requirements and is a key contributor to the development of our existing case management system.

Mark was promoted to Partner in May 2016.

Recent Highlights

Mark personally oversees the largest national insurance clients of Judge & Priestley. A role which sees Mark regularly working at the clients offices, to ensure J&P CS operations and procedures are embeded within the clients internal systems and workflows, to optimise the efficiency of the recovery processes for the client.

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