Judge & Priestley welcomes Ryan Taylor to the growing Private Client team

The Private Client team at Judge & Priestley continues to grow and expand its fields of expertise, with the addition of a specialist Contentious Probate Solicitor.

Ryan Taylor has joined the team to help advise clients on deceased estates, where there may be a dispute over the Will, the appropriate person to administer the estate, or who is to inherit under a Will or intestacy.

His aim in contentious probate matters, is always to try and bring about a timely resolution, whilst limiting the impact on both the parties and the assets involved as much as possible.

Ryan has over six years’ experience in private client work, with a particular focus on estate disputes. He has practised in these contentious matters in Australia and England, as a qualified solicitor in both jurisdictions.

The skills he brings complement the wealth of experience already held in our private client team, which is accredited for Wills & Inheritance Quality by the Law Society, and includes three qualified STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) members. Ryan and the team’s expertise can help guide you through this important and complex field of law, to help give you peace of mind and assist your loved-ones at difficult times.

At Judge & Priestley we have a team of specialist probate solicitors, based in Bromley, who guide family members, friends, executors and administrators through the decisions that need to be made and the steps that need to be taken. We’re sensitive to circumstances.

We know just how difficult this is. But our experience as lawyers, and our empathy as people, makes the process as smooth and straightforward as it can be.

We handle cases ranging from large estates with complex property, financial and family issues, to the modest assets of people who have died with few loved ones around them. There is often a Will, and that helps determine how the estate should be administered. But sometimes there isn’t, and that leads to a different procedure governed by the law of intestacy. In each scenario there are strict legal rules to follow and court applications to be made. Our lawyers are skilled in the law, in the processes and in the practicalities and sensitivities of dividing assets and meeting tax and other liabilities. Clients tell us that our support made everything far easier than they expected it to be.

Please contact Ryan on 020 8290 7346 or email rtaylor@judge-priestley.co.uk if you would like to find out any further information.

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