Judge & Priestley walk the walk... The London Legal Walk

With the sun in our eyes and a spring in our steps, on 18th May 2015 Judge & Priestley took part in their first ever 10K London Legal Walk with over 8,600 other walkers in 547 teams.

Now in its third year running, The London Legal Walk is an event held in support of the law centres and legal advice agencies in London and the South East who aid the most vulnerable individuals by providing them with the free legal advice they require.

Organised by The London Legal Support Trust the funds raised from The London Legal Walk are distributed to the law centres and legal advice agencies where they are most needed through grant rounds. The London Legal Support Trust also offers other forms of support such as providing knowledge and experience of the sector to help these organisations become more sustainable and they also help partner them with law firms and chambers who want to help them ensure that the law is fair.

In order to do our bit for the cause, we raised funds through raffling a ‘day off work’. Combined with our proceeds from our sponsorship page, Judge & Priestley have raised in excess of £339.

The London Legal Walk was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, one that we were truly glad to be a part of and look forward to continuing our support of in the future.

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