Judge & Priestley To Participate in Bromley Rotary Giraffe Trail 2016

Judge & Priestley are participating in the Bromley Rotary Giraffe Trail. 

Around 50 paper maché giraffes will be displayed in businesses and shops around Bromley, and each giraffe will be associated with a charity. 

Our J&P giraffe will be associated with St Christopher’s Hospice and we thought it would be a fabulous idea for their patients, carers and families to be given the opportunity to decorate the giraffe at their art club every Tuesday.

The named and decorated giraffe will be on display behind our window at the main entrance 6 West Street, Bromley.  All the decorated giraffes will be on display in the Intu shopping centre from 10.30am on 22nd October and after that there will be a trail taking place during the half-term holiday from 22nd October to 30th October.  Children will be able to follow the trail to find and visit each giraffe, and the child with the most giraffe names recorded will win a prize.

The mayor will attend the opening ceremony on 22 October  at 10:30am and give the prize for the best decorated giraffe.

The giraffes will be located on the High Street, the intu centre, and in independent shops and businesses.

At the end of the trail period the giraffes will be sold by the Rotary (by auction or by ebay or similar) for the benefit of the associated charity. 

For further information please contact Nita Newsome on nnewsome@judge-priestley.co.uk or call 0208 290 7425.

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