UK house prices still rising steadily year on year

House prices in England rose by 3.7% in the year to April – taking the average property value to £243,639.

Wales showed an annual price rise of 4.4%, with the average home valued at £156,495.

The South West was the fastest growing region with an annual growth rate of 6.1%, up from 5.3% in the previous month. This was closely followed by the West Midlands at 5.9%.

London was the slowest growing region at 1%, up from -0.5% in the previous month. This is the 6th consecutive month that London had the lowest annual growth rate of any UK country or English region.

The average property value in London is now £484,584.

The lowest number of repossession sales in February 2018 was in the East of England, where there were just 13. The highest number at 138 was in the North West.

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