Soldier awarded £90,000 in personal injury claim against the army

A soldier who was injured in an accident while serving in the army has been awarded a total of £90,000 compensation.

The court heard that he was struck on the head by a roll of fabric thrown by two of his colleagues while unloading goods vehicles. He was knocked unconscious and developed chronic widespread pain, which was long-term and possibly permanent.

To cope with the pain, he began mixing his medication with alcohol and became aggressive as a result.

His marriage suffered and he made two suicide attempts as a result of depression. He was medically discharged from the army in September 2013.

The soldier was from a military family and had joined the army at 17. He claimed that he would have served a full career had it not been for the accident and would have attained the rank of staff sergeant. He is now a manager in the NHS.

The army admitted a breach of its duty of care and accepted that his chronic pain condition was genuine, but disputed that it was triggered by the accident.

The court ruled in the soldier’s favour and awarded him a total of £90,000 to compensate for his pain and suffering, and his loss of earnings.

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