New regulations on room sizes for Homes in Multiple Occupation

The government is introducing new rules on minimum room sizes in homes in multiple occupation (HMO) as part of a crackdown on rogue landlords.

Ministers want to strengthen the ability of councils to tackle ruthless landlords who exploit tenants and charge them extortionate rents to live in poor conditions.

Other proposed measures to help councils raise standards in shared homes include:

  • ensuring mandatory licensing rules apply to all shared homes with 5 or more people from 2 or more households, and to flats above and below shops and other business premises…currently, licensing is only triggered when homes have 3 or more floors and excludes homes attached to businesses, unless they are in a 3 storey building.
  • requiring landlords of shared homes to provide decent storage and disposal of rubbish.
  • tightening up the fit and proper person test for landlords and ensuring criminal record checks are carried out to weed out rogues.

Housing and Planning Minister Gavin Barwell said: “These measures will give councils the powers they need to tackle poor-quality rental homes in their area.

“By driving rogue landlords that flout the rules out of business, we are raising standards and giving tenants the protection they need.”

The proposed measures are now subject to a public consultation. We shall keep clients informed of developments.

Please contact Nitka Singh or call Nitika on 020 8290 7347 for further information.

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