J&P Fixed fee divorce in January 2020

New Year, New Start

Fixed fee divorce in January 2020

January is busy time of year for family lawyers and sees an increase in the number of clients filing for divorce. Emotions run high during the festive period which can lead to already struggling marriages breaking down. January is also a time for making new resolutions and planning for the year ahead. This can give people the momentum to re-evaluate their relationships and push ahead with a divorce and the untangling of the matrimonial finances.

Family lawyers also see a surge of divorce enquiries in November and December from people who are not yet ready to embark on the route of divorce, but who want to know what their options are going forwards. This can be about the divorce itself, the family finances, or about the arrangements for the children of the family. Once the new year begins, these people are then ready to move forward and to make the final decision to start the divorce process.   

The Judge & Priestley Family Law Team are always happy to offer guidance to people who are considering divorce and offer the first 30 minutes of an initial consultation at no cost throughout the year. We are also offering a fixed fee price for new instructions received throughout the month of January 2020, for straight forward, non-defended divorce proceedings at £900 plus VAT, plus the court fee of £550. Please note that although this fixed fee covers only the divorce itself, we will also talk you through how the costs will work for dealing with the family finances and the arrangements for the children. Please see the detailed terms and conditions outlined below.*

Contact a member of the Judge & Priestley Family team at either our Bromley or Beckenham office for more information and please quote NEXT STEPS 2020.

* FIXED FEES DIVORCE, JANUARY 2020 – Terms and Conditions

For all new instructions received in January 2020, we are offering a fixed fee of £900 plus VAT, plus court fees for undefended divorce proceedings.

The offer relates to undefended divorce proceedings irrespective of the grounds for divorce. The above fee will include the following:-

  • Preparing the Divorce Petition
  • Arranging issue of proceedings
  • Considering Court documentation
  • Liaising with the Court
  • Liaising with the other party’s solicitors
  • Updating you as to progress of proceedings
  • Applying for the Decree Nisi
  • Applying for the Decree Absolute

This offer does not include dealing with any issues relating to children, finances or enforcing a costs order.

If you would like to speak to one of our family law solicitors, please contact Kelly Sharman on 020 8290 7331 or email ksharman@judge-priestley.co.uk

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