Receptionist in age discrimination case receives £6,000

A 66-year-old receptionist who brought an age discrimination claim against a medical practice has received £6,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

Ruth McNeil left a permanent job with Marks and Spencer last September to work for the practice in Lothian in Scotland. However, when she presented her P45 giving her date of birth she was told she could not be offered a contract.

She brought a claim of age discrimination with the backing of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland.

Ms McNeil said: “To have been offered a job I was really looking forward to on the basis of a successful interview, only to be told that due to my age I could not be kept on was devastating. 

“I was never asked my age at the interview and never thought, given my skills and experience, that it would have been relevant. To make matters worse I was told that I did not look my age and it was suggested that had they known I would never have been employed.”
The medical practice has agreed to pay her £6,000 compensation. The practice cannot be named under the terms of the settlement.

Discriminating against employees and job applicants on grounds of age is illegal under the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.

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