Compulsory purchase of cafe - compensation awarded

In the case of Golf Cafe Bars Ltd v West Yorkshire Combined Authority & Anor,

a reference was made by Golf Café Bars Limited to the Upper Tribunal (UT) which claimed compensation for the temporary and permanent acquisition of parts of its leasehold property for the construction of the Leeds Station Southern Entrance (LSSE). 

The land in question comprised several small plots of land within and near to the service yard which were acquired temporarily to facilitate construction of the LSSE, following which some were permanently acquired as part of the scheme. The property was subject to a complex series of tiered freehold and leasehold ownerships, some of which changed hands over the period concerned. 

An order was made by the UT under the Transport and Works Act 1992 awarding compensation for temporary and permanent acquisition – and other compensation – to the value of £147,192.

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