New proposals will give private tenants more security

The government plans to bring an end to unfair evictions with what it describes as the biggest change to the private rental sector for a generation.

It will introduce legislation to abolish so called ‘no-fault’ evictions, which are one of the biggest causes of family homelessness.

Ministers say the plans will be beneficial to both landlords and tenants.

Currently, landlords can evict tenants with as little as eight weeks’ notice after the fixed-term contract has come to an end - without specifying a reason.

The new proposals will ensure landlords will have to provide a concrete, evidenced reason already specified in law for bringing tenancies to an end.

The government say this will lead to open-ended tenancies, giving families in rented accommodation more security.

Landlords will also be given more effective means to get their property back when they genuinely need to do so.

Ministers will amend the Section 8 eviction process, so property owners will be able to regain their home should they wish to sell it or move into it.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said: “By abolishing these kinds of evictions, every single person living in the private rented sector will be empowered to make the right housing choice for themselves – not have it made for them.

“And this will be balanced by ensuring responsible landlords can get their property back where they have proper reason to do so.”

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