Insurers can access phone recordings in customer poaching case

An insurance company has been granted a disclosure order allowing it to access recordings of phone calls made to two other firms in an alleged customer poaching case.

The case involved D&G, which provides protection for customers after a product manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

It became aware that two firms had been cold calling its clients. The firms claimed to be calling on behalf of D&G and sold insurance policies.

D&G started to monitor calls from its customers who rang to report the calls they had been receiving.

It brought legal action against the two firms, who claimed that some of their call operatives had been dismissed or faced disciplinary action because of the poaching allegations.

The High Court granted D&G a pre-action disclosure order. This included the disclosure of recordings of sales calls made by the companies and contractors hired by them, as they were highly likely to be of assistance to D&G’s case.

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