Daniel Tang shortlisted for the ERMAS

Judge & Priestley LLP are proud to announce that solicitor Daniel Tang, Head of the Lease Extensions and Leasehold Enfranchisement team, has been shortlisted for the regional solicitor of the year award at the prestigious News On the Block, Enfranchisement and Right to Manage Awards (ERMAS).

The shortlisting confirms Daniels position as one of the leading solicitors nationwide specialising in lease extensions and enfranchisement.

The final results will be announced at the News on the Block awards dinner on 7th June, at the Church House venue in Westminster, London.

Daniels shortlisting was supported by case studies and detailed testimonials from several of his recent clients such as the example below, from a leaseholder in Beckenham (BR3):

“Daniel was instructed to assist me with a lease extension. I had tried reaching an informal arrangement with my Landlord, a large, well known freehold company, to no avail. The issue I faced was my flat and the basement beneath my flat being held on two separate leases, and the Landlord being unwilling to extend the basement lease on reasonable terms, as he did not consider the basement a lease that would qualify for a lease extension.

Upon seeking Daniel’s assistance, he advised that under the law, a leaseholder is entitled to extend the lease to his flat, together with any appurtenance belonging to, or usually enjoyed with the flat. We started a statutory claim, and the Landlord gave a counter notice rejecting my entitlement to extend the basement flat lease. Daniel informed me that if the Landlord rejects and does not apply to the County Court before a particular deadline, then the law treats him as never having served a counter notice at all, and this meant, fortuitously, that I could have both leases extended on the terms contained in my offer notice! The landlord refused and we applied to the County Court and won at trial. The landlord was ordered to grant me both lease extensions as well as pay my costs. This was a great victory that I do not believe would have been possible without someone of Daniel’s level of expertise.”

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Daniels full profile can be found here.

Please feel free to contact Daniel directly at dtang@judge-priestley.co.uk or call him on on 020 8290 7373.