Cohabiting couples now account for over 12% of the adult population.

Recent data released by the Office for National Statistics show that cohabiting couples (outside of marriage or civil partnership) now account for over 12% of the adult population of England and Wales. The data compiled for 2015 show 12.3% of all adults in a cohabiting relationship, making this the fastest growing family type over the last decade.


Cohabitation is seemingly a trend of modern lifestyles that is not going to go away. Unfortunately family law in the United Kingdom is yet to evolve with the times and there are no current laws that recognise a legal relationship outside a marriage or a civil union. As a result, individuals involved in the break-up of a cohabiting relationship can endure unfair outcomes or lengthy legal fights over property and assets. If you are in, or thinking or entering, a cohabiting relationship we recommend that you create a declaration of trust or cohabitation agreement, supplemented by a will. For more information on this issue, click here.


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