For 125 years Judge & Priestley LLP Solicitors has been providing clients with expert and professional legal advice. We understand the value of a personal and friendly service but we also recognise the need to move with the times and today Judge & Priestley is a modern, progressive firm providing constructive and effective legal advice to meet our clients' requirements.

We act for individuals, businesses and local authorities providing a wide range of legal services. Whilst we are proud of our tradition we have continually evolved to ensure that Judge & Priestley today meets the new challenges affecting our clients and their requirements for legal services. Many of our clients return on a regular basis with the knowledge that all of their needs will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Whatever your needs, our specialist solicitors are on call to ensure you have the best legal advice to hand. Contact our specialist solicitors directly or call 020 8290 0333 and we will be pleased to help. 




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